Today we go to school. I give gifts from Thailand to many friends. In moring I learn math and then we play baseball like Tuesday. I just watch.Before lunch we eat banana bread that we made yesterday it taste good ^_^. In lunch I eat chili w, cheese stuffed breadstick. I don’t like it ;( After lunch I learn like yesterday. My friends try to say Thai. They try so much hahaha. Then we have a band. It is last day I have band;( . In evening we have track again at our school. I run like Tuesday(100meters dash) but I got more time:((( (Tues I got 17.4 today I get 17.8 T_T) But I happy because I take a picture with my friend. Then we have something to eat in Manitowoc. I eat bacon and ham with omlate and potatoes. When we come back home I have to pack because I will leave in tomorrow night :'((( so tonight is last night I stay:'(((( So I give an ice breaker, gift and Thailand’s picture to them. They love it! ^_^ Today I feel sad because it is last night T_T