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Today Mike will take us to school and today because Cheri needed to go to somewhere. We woke up early and we have a breakfast and we watch the Sports Channel this morning we watch the score of the Brewers it was 10-16 we lost but in that game they have 3 grand slam. And we do our stuff and we get ready to go to school. When we school we still wait in the car until they went in because the weather is cold. Today at school we have Art class, Music or Chorus class and Spanish class. In art in I continue do my art work. In Chorus we sang a song and in Spanish class we continue do our group poster. Then when the school end we saw Barb waiting outside to pick us up. Barb is Milke sister. So we went to the groceries store and we went to her house to unpack and we pick Jerry to go and eat. We went to eat at the Fat Seagull and we talk together and I met the cook their he’s fromThailand so we have a conversation and I Spencer and Jerry we have a broasted chicken and when we’re done we went to Grandpa house Mike Dad to say hi we talk and watch TV for about an hour and Cheri was home so soon they send us back to our house.

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