Today is a cloudy day . We had bread as a breakfast today . Then we went to school , it took two minutes to get there . When we arrived at school , we went to gym to play basketball a little bit . Then we went to our classroom . In the math class I done all math homework that will be in today and tomorrow . Next I studied English an literature . I had homework in literature class and I have done it already . After that is lunch time . I had sandwich , milk , and an orange . I also had a bag of chip as a snack today . Today we had a art class . I did the art project today but it didn’t finish yet . Next I had science class . It had homework and I done it already . Then I did the left homework till it finish . After that I went to gym to play basketball with my friends . Then I went home . When I arrived at home , I went out to play with Sam and writing blog at the same time .