Today, I have had an orientation program with the Pudgimelon Education Services which is led by Pat and Teacher George. I was waiting for this activity for sometime.
This day is also my birthday which means that I am 15 years old today.  After my friends had come to the Imm Fusion Hotel. My friends and I traveled with Pat and George on  the BTS train to the Sub-Zero Club which is a ice skating club.

Over there, we began ice skating, but this was the first time for me to do this kind of an activity. So, I had a lot of problems when I was ice skating. I kept falling down onto the floor, and I had to keep staying around the edges. Later on, I decided to stop ice skating and taking a rest on a chair.

Then, my friends and I ate some pizzas that were ordered by Pat and George. After that, George began a small birthday party for me. Everyone also received donuts during the small party.

Around 4  P.M. , our group traveled to  the Harbin Ice Wonderland which is a kind of an amusement park with items made out from ice. In that place, we began playing ice sliders and other types of rides that is allowed.  The Ice Wonderland is about -15 degrees cold, but I was well-equipped for that. I still felt quite cold  though.

After this, we traveled back to the hotel and walked to eat at an MK restaurant in Tesco Lotus at about 6 P.M. . We finished eating at about 7 P.M. . Then, we traveled back to the hotel and began talking about the codes of conduct. After that, we had a game which didn’t end well for me  , as my group had to clean the dishes on the second day of our trip to the. U.S. , but we had a lot of fun. I also had a good conversation with Teacher George and some of my friends.

My roommates in this program are Porsche and Time. Both of them are from the Vajiravudh School. I hope that I will get some more experience in this  program.