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Yesterday I waked up and ate lasagna. It don’t good. We watched Cartoon Network and at 8.00a.m. we go to lobby. We went to the Field Museum of Natural history. We went to 3d movie “the story of Sue” it about t-rex at11.16a.m. so before we went to 3d we walked and looked around the museum. It have many beautiful stature so we took a lot of picture. After we watched a movie we walked to sSeed (a huge bean) it have sunny and very hot. When we arrived to Seed. We took a lot of picture. Then we ate sandwich at Subway. I don’t like Subway:((( After lunch we saw a group danced beside the street. They danced good but it too s hort Then we went to Dylan’s candy bar it is a candy shop. I bought 3 chocolate boxes for my friends in band. Then we went to theatre to watched a movie(again). The Avengers:The age Ultron. It fun but sometimes I slept. When we went outside it have rainny but we don’t have raincoat so everybody wet:(( We ran to found a restaurant. Finally we went to Thai restaurant. I miss Thai foodddddd^0^. So I ate very much. Geoege went to bought for everybody. Then we came back to hotel. BUT when we arrived to room. Our room is wet. It like maid clean our room so we have to change room:((((((((.Then we take a shower and slept.

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