Today, i woke up at 6.20am. I had breakfast with cereal. The first class is geography, there is a exchanged student from Czech. He presented about his country and watched some video. The second class is history, there are quizs. The third class is band class. The forth class, there are 2 people present about teenage driver safety campain because their daughter died from it.The fifth class is physics. My teacher didn’t come, i ate some snacks and Rachel had lunch. Then i had lunch. The sixth class is biology, they have test again and we were talking about names. When school finished i, Hannah, her friends, mr.Scott and mrs.Michelle went to Jcpenny, Burlington, Sears, Gordmans, The shops at the village, Kohl’s, Bay park, Younkers for prom’s dress. But i don’t go to prom. Then we went home.