Yesterday, the second day of school, I woke
up in time hahaha didn’t late anymore. Our timetable is the same. But I’ve got surprise again… At the fourth hour, I had to separate with Maggie as before. Teacher gave the assignment to us to bring the song lyric ,but I didn’t have ,so teacher ask one of the student to help me,her name is Jarcenta. During we were walking to the library to use computer, she talked and ask question to me a lot. She was very friendly and nice. When we were at the library, she asked me for phone number and snapchat ,so I gave to her. Then, she taught me how to print the paper and we backed to the classroom. In the classroom, we had to make the song lyric to be our own sentence. The song that I choose was ” rude”. The first sentence of this song is “Saturday morning jumped out of bed and put on my best suit” and I changed it like ” in the morning of Saturday, I woke up and put my cloth on” . We had to change sentence all the song. After this class, Maggie pick me up to go to library with her shortly and then we got in the car to back home. In the car, I told her that I got some new friend and she ask me who then I said Jarcenta and she was shocking…then she told me that Jacenta is a lesbian!! I were shocking more than her because I’ve already given her my phone number. However, she is nice. When we back home, Maggie just stayed for a while and then went to work a the store ,so had Just mom(my host) and I at home. The plan was…we would cook Green curry!! She got all ingredients from Thai and lao market already ,so we just cooked it by read the recipe from google. She said that this is the first time she cook thai food. When we done, it was time to try!! I was so excited to eat this. When I ate it, all of the taste was exploded in my month, the smell of spice and the chicken that was very soft. It was very very very pecfect!! The best green curry that I have ever eat. I said really.