Today in the morning we go to school early because we have patrol. Then we went to band. Josie have a in next week but I couldn’t stay here. ToT Then we go to learn language and social studies. In language we learn about capital city of states in America. I can’t do that it’s have a 50 states 50 capital city to remember!!! Then in science we do a worksheet of weather. And in Math they have a test and I do it too!!! I can do 7 from 10. But it’s little bit hard a lot of people in classroom not done. After lunch we went to music and they talk about concert that they have next week the song is so cool. Then we back to the classroom and they do a writing I watch Josie and help her for a little bit. After school we walk home and go on tambourine. And we do a homework today Josie have a lot of homework. Then we drawing and color the picture.