Today we don’t have test all day YEAH. At social studies we have to do Olympic. We have to do foot race. And we have it’s same tomorrow. Then in Science we learn about weather and cloud. But next we don’t have to learn Math because they have test and today I read a Harry Potter and I bring this from home. At lunch the weather is very good we down to grass for circle talk and play telephone. At evening Josie have running club and then we buy a ice-cream from Dairy Queen. And went to lake but not a long time because over there is cold and Josie fell little sick. Then back home about 7.30 then Finnish dinner we have to go to Franklin for play football(but at Thailand call American football and call soccer is football) and basketball I not good in foot ball because never play that and it’s hurt to catch it. But I think I good in basketball!!! And I think today is sport day for me and Josie because we have Olympic and football in evening. So tired!