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Hi! Today is Wednesday already, half of the school week. I’ve been stayed in America 3 weeks. American kids walk very fast, especially Sydnee. I always 2 steps behind her. Yesterday, she challenged me to walk in front of her or walk beside her. In the morning, I felt that my toe was hurt with no reason. I arrived at school about 7:35 am, same time everyday. The first class was gym. We played kickball for whole class. I was out of the game about 2-3 times. The second class was Spanish, we had a quiz again. This quiz took time about 20 minutes. When we finished the quiz, we watched a video. The third class was Algebra. We were late for 2 minutes, because I went to the bathroom before came to this class. We studied about graphing again. I always write my blog in this class (write on the paper) because the lesson is too hard for me. I want to bring pillow to school and sleep (just Algebra & Band) hahaha! Another different thing between American school and Thai school is “Smartboard”. American school use it, but Thailand don’t have. Smartboard is very good, we just use the smartboard pen to write something on the board. The forth class was Social Studies, we studied about chapter 12 that Makaylee and Gabe presented. The presentation was pretty good, they made Kahoots (like a test that we do in the Ipad, quiz online) also. I got 9 questions right and 1 wrong, but Syd got every questions right. Then I had lunch, I had to choose my lunch between corndogs and salad. (I chose corndogs and sweet potatoes. Lydia, Hannah, and Emily wanted to trade their sweet potatoes with Sydnee’s corndogs. At lunch, Syd and Emily stole my water bottle again ( hahaha Emily’s face was very fuuny). After lunch, we went to the reading class. We didn’t read a book at all. Syd, Kassie, Makaylee, and I turned on the computer and typed “Pear Pudgimelon” in google. We found a lot of my picture that I put in my blog, thre are one picture that the background was Syd’s bedroom. When Syd saw that pic she shouted out AHHHH!! That’s our bedroom!!! I drew Sydnee and her muscle on the whiteboard. No teacher in this class, so I can do anything I want^^. The next class was Quest. Today, we had two openers and we finished Ana’s game. First opener was Hannah, she had a rock..scissors..paper but play in another version, we had bear..salmon..mosquito. Bear eat salmon, salmon eat mosquito, and mosquito bite bear, so bear get Malaria. We played two rounds. First round I didn’t win the game, second time I was the second place, I lost in the final match. The next opener was Kassie, her game was about arranging number. One group had 7 students, each students got one number, and Kassie had the number that us had to arranged. Our team lost the game. Last 10 minutes, we played hot potato, because we had to finished Ana’s game. Then we went to the choir class, I got my own folder to put my music sheets. Today, we sang five new songs, but I can’t remember all the songs name. i rememner only On Top of the World and My Wish. The last class was laguage, we had a test on the story “To Kill a Mockingbird”chapter 1-3. Mrs.Mcgrath asked me if I would like to take the test too, I said NOOOO!!! I don’t like test ><. When the test was over, we continue reading chapter 4. Then we came back home, and Syd had to do her homework. At 5 o’clock, Syd had to go to the church for the confirmation class, and I had to go with her. Mom took us to the church. This class is one hour long. I slept while Sydnee was learning, at 6 o’clock mom woke me up. Then we came back home again. I had fish steak, boiled broccoli, French fries, and hush brown. I will take a shower soon Bye Bye.

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