Yesterday I woke up at 9 am . I was very tired . I really sick yesterday. Then I watched 1 and a half hour Scooby doo. It’s fun. Then I ate brat for brunch and we watch Nanny McPhee and I slept . Then grandma woke me up and told me to slept at the bedroom. Then I slept like 5 hour . Then I woke up and ate supper then have asleep. Yesterday I was really sick and I have headache all day till I sleep.
Today Olivia and Lizzy have basketball tournament all day . I’m very exciting and they look very tired. It’s snow . Yeah snow look like salt and lpretty. However it not pretty anymore cause it cold. It’s 28 F so it like -1or-2 C
with no JACKET Wooohoo!!! Sweet -_-.