Today I woke up at 6:00 am. After I finished my morning routine, I had a cereal and black coffee for breakfast. Then I packed everything I need for school such as water bottle, notebook and pens. At 7:30 am me and Ms. Nelson walked to school to show me the way. When I arrived at school I met Win, Rj, Sam and more. Then I gave a gift to the Manitowoc Lutheran Principle, he was very happy. Then my first class was band. I was just sitting and listen to music because I didn’t play anything. Then it was English as a Second Language class, I met Tony, Chaan, Sherman, Eric and more most of them are Chinese and we did some vocabularies. The next class was Español and religion. After that I had lunch which Ms. Nelson made. Then it was English, Austin wrote a essay, but I didn’t so I just sat there and watch Austin typed. The next class was gym I played soccer with Win, Jan and friends, It was great. Then it was biology we studied about muscle, I did my worksheet and I impressed my teacher because I threw some fancy word for example I used adenosine triphospate instead of ATP. And teacher said that “My students don’t even know what it is”. And I answered most of the questions. Then I walked back home by myself. I met Ms. Nelson grandson. Then I went outside and played basketball with Mr. Nelson. After we went inside, we had a chicken, bun, and fried rice for supper. It was awesome. Then I went outside again with Ms. Nelson and her daughter for a walk. We walked for an hour to the Manitowoc river. By the way we met Mr. K’s brother (Mr. K’s the Manitowoc Lutheran teacher). He just caught a big rainbow fish. So, I asked him to take a picture of me with fish. After I went back home I took a shower, write this blog and I’m going to bed soon!!S__2441247