Yesterday lastnight ours dinner are thai have phatthai,egg roll ,kaophat and somtum.they are very delicious In thai market I bought mama and waiwai. After dinner we all went to play roller skate I try to played it but it hard to me.Althought it easier than ice skating but it make p mild leg sprain. At roller skate there are one cute child when she fell down her crawl.In the roller skate some of us met ours host.we come back around 22.00 . Todays I got up at 6 a.m. ours breakfast are cereals.we went to cheese factory around 8 a.m. it’s amazing for me to know how to make cheese and how to change milk to be cheese in cheese factory it’s very cool and cheese stick at cheese factory are very delicious when we came back from the cheese factory to the school .I cooked phatthai and kaophat from yesterday .Next we went to the farm the first things we met are the smell of the cow poo it very bad smell.First i think it very bad but finally i know it the natural of cow I get more knowlendge about farm and cow todays at the farm there had two new baby cow but I was seen only one cow he’s so cute now I am qriting blog in the same library like yesterday. For me

7today is very funny