24/03/15 I went to Suwannabhumi Airport at 19.00 and the airplane is arrive at 22.45. We went to South Korea first it’s about 4 hours. And we departure around 6 o’clock and we wait for 6 hours. It’s a long time but it’s ok because it’s have internet. Than we go to Chicago – America. In airplane I watched a big heros 6 movie it’s a nice and cute. I love this movie:) and I sleep too much!!!!
25/03/15 I sleep and watched a movie in airplane we departure at 10.30 and we come to Wisconsin by bus for 3 hours. Than we unpack the bag and get out to ate dinner. We ate pizza for dinner and visit Thai student her name is Jane and Jean. And we come back by walk!!!! It’s really cold. We take a shower and go to bed. I think I sleep very early