Today we go to patrol so late! This week we always start at 7.50 but today we start at 8.05 and today is my last full day at school. I very sad:( And it’s have a rain before we go inside.Then in this morning we had to say something in the microphone Josie say first and next I translate in Thai it’s about play 60 minutes. I say little bit wrong but everybody don’t know this:) In language and social studies they have test either. And in language Josie go to doctor and I stay at school. In Math we do test finish and who finish we will do writing. Then Josie back little bit before Math. In the afternoon we go to learn music and P.E. In p.e. they do something but I don’t know what that call. It’s like a belt somebody say color if you have that color on your shirt you will run pass them and if them can pull your belt you will lose. It’s so fun I win a lot of time. Next we bring Thai stuff(mango~~) and it’s little bit spicy to my classroom somebody like it and somebody don’t like it. Then tomorrow we have learn half day that’s mean to day is last day for meToT. We back to home Ivy and Jersie come to play. We go to franklin school again to play a skateboard,basketball or scooter. Then we back home and I start to pack stuff in my suitcase I don’t like this time it’s really sad. Then Jersie’s mom,dad and her sister,brother came here. Her little sister name Sofia she very cute!!!! Then we bring Ivy home and play a board game with Jersie. Then we take a shower and go to bed after Jersie back.