Hello! Today, Syd woke me up very early cuz Lydia’s dad will pick us at our house at 7:30 am. We had to meet George and Pudgimelon team at (somewhere I don’t know), and we took a bus (school bus) to watch the baseball game at Miller Park Stadium. We arrived at the stadium area about 9 o’clock. Then we had lunch, I had hamburger, bread, and jello. We brought some chairs because we had to sit outside the stadium until the game start, and the game started at 1:00pm. I met my Thai friends, I met Pang, Lily, Fah, In and others. I went to the toilet outside the stadium while we were waiting for the game to start, and I figured out the the toilet can’t flush and if you poop the next person that use the toilet after you will see your poop. The stadium is very huge. We cheer Brewers, there are Brewers and Pirates. The score made us upset, Pirates won…! 10-4 Brewers lost!! At first, I didn’t understand the game, but Syd told me what’s going on, why they got score, why they were out, and bla bla bla. The game was about 3 hours long. Before the game start, I saw myself on the big screen. Hahaha nice^^ After the game finished, Syd, Lydia, Lydia’s younger brother and I ran around the base. That’s my first time. Before we went back to the bus, I went to the store, and bought two shirts. I was the last one that came out of the store. Then we took a bus back to where we park our car. While we were in the bus Syd, Lydia, and I made some jokes that really crack me up. It was about POOP!!! Hahaha. Syd can say poop in Thai language cuz I taught her. Syd laugh very hard, she can’t stop laughing. Syd wnted to take a selfie, and she stretched her arm forward to take a selfie, but the guy that sat in front of us tought that we will take a picture of him sleeping. When I arrived home, I had pizza for dinner, and had Bryce’s birthday party. His friends came to our house, instead of cake we had cookie (same size as cake) !! I like cookie more than cake. I gave the BD card to Bryce by stick it on his bedroom door. Tomorrow I had to go to school again, so I had to get up early. i don’t want to get up, I wan’t to sleep for a long long time, I’m so lazyyy!!