I woke up at 7.30 and play checkers I won Josie every times 🙂 Than in the afternoon we went to sassy nails & spa I paint my nails first time!!!!!! I paint blue and pink in toes and fingers. I think it’s good ^^ Than we went to shopping but I don’t buy every thing. When we come back home we ate pizza. Than mom and dad go out than I and Josie made jello lemon&cheaper. It’s too funny. First we boil the water and mix it with cold water. And put it to the fridge but it’s don’t have area to put it than we move food in the fridge and put our jello in the fridge. We end to made that at 9.30 pm and we set alarm clock at 2 am for ear that because it wait for 4 hours in fridge!!!!! But I don’t Think emergency wake up!