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Yesterday everyone were very busy in the evening because P’Pat and teacher George would come to visit us.Before that we needed to have supper first.We got some Subway coupon so Jamie,my host dad,and I went to the Subway to bought some sandwiches .At the Subway I met Hail lee,one of my friends at school,with her brother and her father but we didn’t talk much just say hello.While we were waiting for a slowly computer,it had one girl came to talked to me but she didn’t look like a common people and I don’t know what wrong with her.She started to say “Hello” to me and ask me a little bit about my name my age and my birthday.When I answered her,she would tell me about herself too such as she was 15 years old and her mother birthday was on July 19th.So we talked a little bit until the computer was done then we went back home and had supper.My sandwich was nothing just bread with chicken so I put some BBQ sauce and ketchup in it,much better.So after supper busy time was coming,it was clean up time! Everything in the house looked new,the table was all clear and everything was in their spots.Around 7 o’clock they came to took a pictures and talked to us for a little bit then they left.

So today I didn’t need to get up early because Michelle needed me to rest so she would drive us to school.I woke up around 6:50 and left our house around 7:45.In this morning I talked to my family and they said “Don’t forget to take a photo of school for them!” but I forgot that so no photo for them today because in the evening I needed to take a bus home.Next I really wanted to copy next part of sentence from my other blog.So same like everyday the first class was Math then English and Science.After lunch we continue the Science class and when the class over,we had LION Time.It like the time that we bided something with a red paper that teacher gave to us call “Pride Paw”.I had 4 of it but Clara had 60 of it so today she got a big chocolate bunny and two of paint books for this Saturday that we will be a babysitter.So next class was Band then Gym and Tech Ed.In the gym class we did the same like last time,we went to 8 stations to did an exercise.And this time in the Tech Ed class I had my own work to do but I had a problem that is I scared to used the machine.The school over at 3:05 and we took the bus home with Greta and Nora came over.At home we practiced to play a cup that in the cup song.I could do it but I wasn’t sure about Greta maybe she can do it.Around 6:20 their dad came to picked them up.Then I started writing my blog in my note book until 5:45 Michelle back home and we started talking about food that we will bring on Sunday.I continue writing my blog until 6:40 we had supper.When we finished our supper we watched TV.Then around 7:20 we went to the shop to bought some of ingredients for the food on Sunday.On the way Clara and I played a Rubik’s Cube we went out for a while then we went back home around 8:30.When we back home we can’t went to bed because we needed to baked some food for Sunday.

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