Today is my first day school and I woke up very early at 6 A.M. so I feel very sleepy in the class. I learnt about government in the first subject but I can’t remember the subject at all. I learnt Math, history and science class and it so boring at school but at home is more boring. I have met Muk today when Jadian go to the dentist to fix her teeth so I studied with Muk for 1 period and it was fun. When I studied with Muk George and Pat came in our class and take a photo and video like a paparazzi and Muk just do her crazy face when she take a photos. First day school is so tired and when I got home we drive to get Mind at her school and came back home again. At 5 o’clock Mind just take a nap for about half and hour and I waiting for dinner so long time.