Hi! Today is my last day with host family. I woke up at 7:00 am. I had to meet George and P’Pat at their apartment. We arrived at the apartment about 11:00 am. Before I left, I hug my family, and say goodbye. I don’t want to go, I wanted to stay longer, then Syd started to cry. I saw Syd cry, and my tears came out also. I miss the Koenigs, now I want to cry…T^T I love you! We arrived at Chicago around 2:00 pm. We came to the hotel first to pack our backpack. We had to use the train to go to the Willis Tower. We arrived at the Willis Tower around 6:00 pm, but we had to wait for 90 minutes, so we went to eat pizza first. The pizza was very delicious! Then we went to the Willis Tower. We used the elevator go up and up and up!! This tower is very high, and the floor is made of glass. I got many nice pic with my friends. Then we came back to the hotel at 11:00 pm. I can’t use the Wifi!! T^T then I went to sleep and I didn’t post this blog and yesterday’s blog because I can’t use the hotel Wifi.