Today is a busy day.I woke up at 7:30 and finished my stuff around 8 o’clock.Everyone were wake up except Clara and I predict that she will get up at 9 o’clock.Then at 9 o’clock Clara was wake up!So now we can find our Easter baskets.Greta was the first and I was the second that find Easter basket but Clara help me and she knows where is the basket so I didn’t find it by myself.My basket was behind the door but Clara’s bket was in the garage! In the basket it had candies socks and T-shirt.Then we set up a table that used for paint our Easter Eggs.When the table was ready,we started paint our Easter Eggs.I paint 8 eggs and it took me about 45 minutes.One of them was a Thai’s flag one was a rainbow and many other styles.Then we went outside and rode a ATV car around the house for a while.The weather today is colder from yesterday so we went inside and watched cartoon until lunch time.Then we played some card games “Go Fish” and “UNO”.While I playing UNO,I had one card left and I said “UNO” but nobody heard me so I needed to pick 2 more card! Next time when I had one card left,I shouted “UNO” very loud so now everyone hear me,GOOD.