Today I woke up at 8:30. Today we have go to Church so that why we have to woke up. Today is warmer than yesterday there is a little hole on the ground of the yard it is an ant house. I really hate ant cause it make me feel disgusting and itchy. When I was at church I met a cute guy and creepy guy. They’re in 8 grade. Well cute guy is tall and fashionable. He wear everything in his body look good but he pretend to be cool and I think it not my style cause mystery boy never think he is cool anyway. Creepy guy is exactly opposite. He has a purple that nearly look like pink on his hair. His hair is curly. Also the way he talk is very creep. When I was in church class with Olivia they talked about April 29 that church have plan about hotel but 30 I have prom. Olivia say that to pasture and this boys like ” Wait isn’t she on 7 or 8 grade?” then I said ” No, I’m 16 nearly 17 year old and I’m in grade 11″ they like okay.. At that moment I thought that ‘ Am I look YOUNG!? ‘
I’m so proud of my round face. After that we went to grandma house to atw lunch and hunt easter eggs. Grandma hide 255 eggs around the house I got 46 eggs. Inside the eggs have candy and money. Someone will have a question like ‘ It’s already Easter why we hunt easter egg now?’ Cause grandma wait for me. I having fun and happy. Isiah is sick so I share half of mine for him cause I’m not gonna eat candy that much. Today is a great day and I still proud of my face.