Today we woke up at 6.00 in the morning.Today jadian go with bam and jadian mom sent me to school. It was raining morning.Today i be with alyssa.First class we stady about equation.It was easy.Then we have pys sci they have test today.Then we have P.E. class. We study bastketball.Then we have hawktime for 20 mins.Then we have cooking class we taest 6 kind of muffin.One is perfect muffin, one is no egg, one is no baking powder, one is no oil, one is over stired, one is no baking powder more baking soda.Then we have.Then we have english class before lunch.After lunch we have sapin class and the last class is us history.Then we hang out with muk.We have rice, crimp, sweet potato, and pasta.Then we play cards toghetter.We play uno.After that we went home, takr bath and sleep.