Today I woke up at 7:00 a.m. ate breakast, chocolate donut and went to play outside with Kety, Thier and Emma. We play take, you have to take someone and you have to ran fast. If you want to take a break went to a swin and break, but you only have 10 secend to break. When time up, you have to get out from the swin or wh ever it can take you. We play this game about 25 munit and mom Dori and Dillon came to pick Emma and I  home. So we have to stop playing, take our bag and sleeping bags and went to mom Dori’s car. When we arrived home, mom Dori told Emma and I that we have to take a shower and we talk a shower. After that, Emma and I make lunch and we ate the noodle. I love it!!!! so yummy. After lunch I read books while Emma and Dillon play outside. When they came in, we ate dinner. We ate hamburger, corn and tomato and it was yummy too. Then I write my blog and maybe watch T.V. and go to bed. Goodnight.