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Last night went to roller skating and had Garrett come along to the Roller Skating Center.On the way we stopped at Pear’s house to picked her up but before we went to the house Michelle wanted to vote for the Senate.At the center I met my Thai friends and we played roller skating until 8:30 then we went back home.

Yesterday I played my Rubik’s cube and Clara wanted to play too so I needed to teach her but she couldn’t do the hard one so I taught her 2 easy patterns.It took for a while to taught her but now she can do it,I very glad to see that!

So today I very tired because last night I went to bed late about 10 o’clock and woke up early in this morning around 6:30 to took a school bus.On the bus I read a book “Love that dog” that I borrowed from the school library for 20 minutes then I was at school.And same like everyday,the first class was Math then English and Science.In the Math class we played a game “24” and Clara pretty good at this game! Next class was the English class everyone had to have their own reading goal and I had to have it too so Clara made it for me the goal was 60 minutes per week.So after lunch time we went to a gym and watched “Kick Ball”.Then we went to the Science class to continue the class and in the class the teacher ask me a question but I didn’t know the word “object at rest” so I didn’t say anything.Then it had gym time everyone would go to a gym and played some game but while I played the game,the ball hit my stomach,it hurt a little but I didn’t know why my tear was come out so Clara stopped playing and came to see me.But I was find so I told Clara that she can go to played volleyball with her friends and I just wanted to watch her.So the next class was Band and WIN Time but today we had basketball game between 8 graders and teachers.The game result was the teachers were win.The game was over around 3:05 so school was too.So we took the bus home and on the bus I read the book again for 25 minutes then we at home and my reading goal had 15 left because today I read the book for 45 minutes,this is GOOD.

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