Today is Wednesday . It has two day left in school . Then Junior and I will move to Chicago . I got up at 6.30 O’clock . Today , a breakfast was chocolate cereal . Then we went to school . I read my novel before school . After that the first class start . It was bible class . We went to study in the church like yesterday . Then we came back to our classroom . We had Math class next . We did assignment today . And tomorrow we will have math test . After math class we had break time . I went outside to play football with my friends . Then we came back . Next we had English and literature class . We corrected English homework in the first hour . Then we watched the history movie . It was the same one as yesterday . Its name is Gettysburg . Then we had lunch . This afternoon , I had ham sandwich , chocolate chip cookie , chocolate milk , and cantaloupe as lunch . Then we went outside in the break time . I still played football with my friends . Then we had spelling class . We corrected the homework and did a spelling test . Next we had history . Both class tech by Mr. Gast . In history , we corrected the homework and study new chapter . After that we had physical education . Mr. Gast also teach this class too . We went outside in this class . We ran around the school as regular . Then we had relay race . Then we came back and prepare for track practice . It was the last track practice I had in this school . We ran around the school as warm lap . Then we had exercise . Then we separate to difference kind of activities . They separated by go to group that they signed to do in that activity . I didn’t sign anything . So , I walked around and went to the group that I like . I went to short-put group . The ball was very heavy . Once , I throw the ball to the ground play . It hit the ground play . So , it will has my mark in this school . It will make everyone can remember me hahaha . Then we had an exercise . Then we went home . I had two pieces of pizza as a dinner . Then after dinner , dad , Junior , and I went to archery with my friends , George , and P’Pat . We had fun there . We stayed there from 6 P.M. till 7 P.M. Then we came home . Then mom took Junior and me to card game shop . Because , I want to buy a card game . Then we came back home . Before we got home , we went to A&W to get some root beer floated . Then when I got home . I sat in a living for a while . Then I went to take a shower . Then I went to my bedroom to upload blog .