image I woke up at 7 a.m. because today I didn’t ride the bus. I bring ‘Amira Makam’. It’s a candy from Thailand. Gunner ask me ‘this is drug?’ hahaha. I teach Parker and Gunner to say my name in Thai. Parker can say it, but Gunner can’t say it. Parker tell me to copy him. He is doing like punch to the right. So I copy him. And the right of me is Clara hahaha. I show the picture of a girl in nemo to Gunner because it look like him hahaha.

When track is finish, Lily tell Gunner ‘Amy like you’. And he say ok and hit his chest hahaha. So funny. I go to Brillion High School to watch baseball game. It’s make me bored. I meet Ethan at this game. And I try to make him fall by kick his knee. But I can’t make him fall.