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Last night while I was sleeping,Marbles jumped on my bed and he tried to walk around my head because he saw me moving and he just wanted to know what is it but it was my head.So at that time I pushed him away from my head but he fell down to the floor.I just wanted to say “Sorry Marbles”

Today we didn’t have to get up early because Michelle,my host mom would drive us to school.So today I woke up at 6:45 and left our house around 7:45,it was a little bit late and it made Clara crazy.This morning Clara wanted to leave home around 7:30 but no one finished their stuff so she had to wait for us.When we all done and we gonna to left home,she said “OMG I wanted to leave home 15 minutes ago” at that time I picked my stuff and went outside quickly.So not too bad we were at school around 7:50 and we walked very fast because we didn’t want to be late.And same like everyday the first class was Math then English and Science.In Math class today Clara needed to go to Band for
a while but this time I didn’t go with her and when she came back we were playing a game that she hates it.So she tried to walk slowly because she didn’t want to play it but anyway she had to play it.The game was we had to find the number that teacher told us and I had some funny thing to tell,teacher told “5+2” but my team couldn’t find it and the other one was “3” the players stun for a while then they found it.Next it English class teacher could get a program for me so I had thing to do now,thank you.Then after lunch we went outside again because the weather was so nice then we went inside and continued our Science class.After Science class we had Line Time then Band Gym and Tech Ed.In Line Time today we went outside to read the book and I finished the second chapter and continued chapter 3 already.Next in Gym class we went outside and played “Speed ball” today I kicked a ball 2 times and it good because yesterday I did nothing I just stand still and watched a ball.The last class “Tech Ed” today I painted the other side of the star so next week it will be done then we joined and did our group project but in fact it just a partner project.So school over at 3:05 and we took the bus home.At home our grandparents came over and we had to clean up the whole house for a big party tomorrow so I helped Clara a little bit.I feel very bad that I haven’t join the party tomorrow but I needed to go to a temple so I didn’t know how to say because Michelle need to drive for me to Manitowoc in the morning and she very busy.Around 6 o’clock we had a supper then at 7 o’clock I went outside to see a camping car for 5 minutes with Clara then I played basketball.Inside the car it wider than I think.Then I played basketball for 10 minutes and I went inside.But before that Clara and I were chasing each other.We started at I took her 10$ from Easter basket and Clara took my wallet that had about 750$ in there so I took her I-Pad.I kept her money and Cole kept her I-Pad.When Clara got her money then she went to get from Cole and I got my wallet from her that she hid it under the blankets.Around 7:20 I went to the store with Jamie,my host dad because at home I had nothing to do so I came along with him was much better and maybe I could get something for my brother.We were back home at 7:50 and I didn’t get anything for my brother because I will get him a peanut butter cups but I think I can get it for him before I left here.We bought some ice-cream so when we were back home we had it some,YUMMY.

Today was Friday I didn’t believe it,it was going so fast you know this week was the fourth week in America now!

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