Today I woke up late again. I woke up at 7.33 a.m. I can woke up late because I mustn’t go to school early. I went downstairs and met Wendy and Nana. I ate breakfast at 8.25 a.m. My breakfast is cereal. I went to school at 9.17 a.m. because Wendy had work at 9.30 a.m. but school started at 10.20 a.m. I went to library again. I waited for 10.17 a.m. I wrote on my notebook and read some books in library in that time. When the bell ring, I went downstairs to kept things at locker and met Abbey at her locker. First class, I learned Band. Today my friends played 3 musics. They were check for swing, the chicken and maximum velocity. I don’t know every musics. Second class, I learned Art. I drew bear again. I took my pencil to drew my bear because it hard to paint. Today teacher absent and had another teacher represent. Today is the last class of Art for me. but I didn’t do it finish. I kept it to home and I will take it to Thailand. I will show it to my family and friends at Thailand. Third class, I learned Study hall. This is the last class of study hall for me, too. I wrote on my notebook same every day. Today didn’t have Hawk time. Fourth class, I learned English. The schedule of time to learn to day was same Tuesday because today my friends had online testing again. I learned about hash tag in social media. Teacher was absent and have another teacher represent. Another teacher gave us to present our project to partner that they did in worksheet but I didn’t do it. I listened my partner only. When it passes around half class, we ate lunch. Today I had hot lunch at school. I ate Hamburger chicken and bacon cheese. It was very big hamburger. I learned English again. 10 minutes later, Abbey had to go to … I don’t know where. and she said me “You have to go with me” We kept our books and go out from room. When we came out, we went to kept things in locker and go to band room. but don’t have any people in that room. I don’t know who did she find. And we came back to english class. Fifth class, I learned Social. I don’t do anything. my friends, too. Today teacher teach only. When the bell ring, I went to get something at my locker. And went to science class. Sixth class, I learned Science. but when I reach at Science room, Abbey sent some letter to teacher and we go out and went to Band room. Now I knew. She went to practice saxophone but I don’t know why she must go in that time. because in room had only four people. They are Teacher, Abbey, Hannah and me. They played around 13 minutes. And teacher told us to go to study. We came back to Science room. Abbey said she don’t want to learned science. 55555 When we came back to Science room, I saw Devin. He cut workbook of science of him and his friends. Mr. Shinelle very angry. but he don’t care.555555 Seventh class, I learned Mathematics. Teacher talk about quiz next week. Today we did one worksheet. It was very easy for me but hard for my friends. It had 6 item. Today teacher changed our seat and I stayed alone. I came back to home and write this blog. I will go to cook my dinner and tomorrow lunch. I will cook Pad mama because Wendy has sausage and she give it to me. I will sleep at 8.30 p.m. Have a sweet dream.