Today have 8th grade test at school. In morning They do exam by computer in library so I play games computer all the time because I mustn’t test. In lunch I eat pizza (I love pizza<3) chocolate and melon. Then I have band today. I play clarinet many songs. This songs are easier than my songs in Thai. In reading class we play basketball again. Then we learn science and come back to home. I watch movie during wait mom and Arianna come ck home. When they come we go to eat something and go to play rollerblades. My friends don’t come T^T but I don’t care -^-. Today have few people come. So I play with Skyanne and Arianna. I’m very fun and happy because I fall just 1 time. (Skyanne fall 2 times Arianna fall4 times ^_^) Then we come back to home.