Yesterday that we went to Rollaire skating at Manitowoc. I meet my host and her daughter. They are very kind. And I played Rollaire skate with her daughter, her name is Abby. We are very happy, but I scared and held the wall. I saw every people play, its look easy but when I played I think it is hard for me. Today I woke up at 6.00 a.m. because to day we must left school quickly. I ate breakfast around 7 a.m. My breakfast are apple and banana. I left my school at 8 a.m., but P’mild don’t leave with us., because yesterday she play rollaire skate and she fell down, but her leg don’t broken. We left school and went to cheese factory, it was very interesting. And I saw method of cheese. It is very hard and I tasted the cheese. It have more cheese to ate and that raw material are different. After we finished to saw cheese factory, We came back to school to ate lunch and got P’Mild to go to findle farm. My lunch are Pad-thai, Som-Tam and fried rice. they are delicious. We left from school at 12.45 p.m. And we went to findle farm. It is farm of cows. I like it, but until I went inside farm it is very bad smell. That smell are cows poo. I think the farmers of America are rich. It very different for the farmer of Thai, they are poor. Farm that I went to have around 1500 rai, it is very big. After we finished from findle farm we went to library to go to wrote blog. And after we finished to write a blog, we will go to eat dinner around 4.30 p.m. And we will go to play some games after we eaten dinner.