Today i en t to the churuch and met Green and Gifted we talk together , Is very fun . And Kathie was talking with Gifted hst mom for asking to let her go shopping with us , and her mom was ok with that , we dove tha car to met her . Gifted was brnging Adrill to the Green Bay too . Our lunch is Teriyaki chicken , It was too much , Then Kathie said let’s brnging back home . And then we went to the build a bear , I bought some Bunny Doll ., Her name is Grace . I will give her to my sister , I hope she will like it . And Adrill Got the heart bear name Lizzie . hen finih we  back home we were sleeping a longtime but my dinner wa not Teriyaki but we ate pancake . Is like that Gorge doing to me when finish i coming o writting a blog