Day 33 : Today I don’t wake up very early I feel slow life I wake up 6.10 am. and go to bath room for take a bath , tooth brush and wash my face after that I go down stair for eat break fast I eat peanut butter x2 I feel like it hahaha and juice It’s time Zam and Zag come to pick me go to school .
frist class is math today study ” sin cos tan” is very easy to do it in Thailand next class is physical education but before this class I play soccer with friend scoor is 7-1
I kick to goal 6 point after that to day is fitness day everyone feel tried but I don’t do hahaha next class is libary class not do anything again next class is music class I practic song again I fee funny but it same song next class is english class os do work with group in note book next class is lunch time I eat spaketti and bread to dau I forget chocolate milk next class is enginner class every body do it work in comeputer for neon next class is CNN class today I presentation to my life in Thailand I feel funny and very excited next class is science to do play game with teacher I feel funny
at 3 pm. I come back home and I watch a soccer but Carol want I play wih grandchild hahaha I play lego wih him . At 5 pm. Bangpan is come my home because Maggi is work at food market it near my home and I eat dinner is salad , ham , egg and juice with Bangpan it’s time Bangpan come back her home and I go to sleep at 10 pm.