Today, I woke up at 6.43 a.m. I brushed my teeth. When I brushed my teeth, I feel very sick. And I went to sleep to 9.38 a.m. I don’t go to school, today. I woke up again at 9.38 a.m. I feel better but din’t good. And I went to washed my face. I went downstairs to eat breakfast because I think If I ate breakfast, may be I must feel better. My breakfast is cereal. Wendy prepared it for me during the morning. And she prepared my lunch, too. After that, I went upstairs and changed my clothes. I went downstairs to hangouts with Nana. We watched TV, she liked channel 5. I ate lunch at 12.45 a.m. It was a little bit late because I ate breakfast very late. My lunch is sandwich ham & cheeses. Wendy put ham very much, I liked it. In the afternoon, I slept around 3 hours because Nana went to sleep and I little bit sick. I woke up around 4.00 p.m. Nana woke up, too. Abbey came back to home around 4.37 p.m. Today she came back to home early because she hurt her knee. We ate dinner at 6.05 p.m. I ate chicken and Mac&cheese that we ate yesterday because we made it very much. Today, I don’t have anything to write so much. we will play card. I will sleep at 8.30 p.m.