Today i wake up about 6.45 am in the morning.Then i get dress and ate cereal for breakfast,Bam already go to school at that time.Then her mom wake up and drive me to school.Alyssa is who i follow today so her first class is math then she have sci class in sci class they have test in computer.After that we met carly and go to gym together we also play bastketball today but teacher who always teach did nit come so we have another teacher.Then in hawktime we ate snack and go to library, Alyssa borrow book from library.Then in cook class we do cookie.After that is english class.In lunch time i ate hamburger for lunch.Today we did not went outside because carly hasn’t finish her homework.Then it is spain class and Us history for the last class.Today her mom pick me from ischool and we arrive home about 3 pm.