Today I woke up at 8.00am and came down to change a clothes and brushed a teeth after that I came down to ate a breakfast.Today I went to temple with George at 9.45am he came to pick mee up and went to temple my host gave a rice for philanthropy.I very funny and excited temple it not look like a temple I think it like a house but George said they will build it but they not have money for do that.Today it has a lot people gave money for temple and a lot I have lunch with Thai and Laos people I can listen them but language it like a northeast of Thailand someone can talk with me another them can listen but cann’t talk thai.Lunch today is Thai and Laos food it very delicious everybody help and takecare us I very like it.when finished I came back home with George but before we came back we ate a yogurt then came back home.When I stayed home it has only hostdad because hostmom she go out with her friend and tonight I make dinner by myself I make a sandwish tonight I ate 2 piece it very enough then I go to the bed1461544886145