Day 28 : Today is Friday I like is day because is weekend I wake up 6 am. today I don’t sleep continue I go to bath room for take a bath , wash my face and toothbrush when I finish I go downstair foe eat breakfast is cereal but!!! I can’t eat because Zam has come to pick me up go to school I don’t eat breakfast!!!!!!!! I feel hungry I don’t know why she come early When I stay at school I wait for class
frist class is math to day study “Graph” is easy because I could study at Thailand next class is breakfast time I go to gym for wait to play sport today I play soccer 2 game game 1 scoor is 3-3 I feel tried and funny game 2 scoor is 4-3 I looser but I kick to scoor is 3 I hatrick I feel very tried but I funny and happy mext class
is libary class is same all day is not do anything next class is music class to day practice song is funny next class is english class read a book and do in notebook next class is lunch time I eat frenhfire , nuget and milk chocolate I feel fuly next class is engineer is do in comeputer next class is CNN class to day is go outside for take a photo Earth day next class is science is work a wind energy I feel bored
at 3 pm. I come back home I feel tried I sleep is very long time when I wake up I eat lunch is fish frie , frenhfrie and salad after that I sleep 10 pm.