Today, I woke up at 6.47 a.m. I brushed my teeth and took a shower. I went downstairs to eat breakfast and prepared to go to school. My breakfast is cereal. It was very sweet. The shape of cereal like donut but the flavour of it like caramel. I went to school early. I kept things on my locker and met my friends. First class, I learned band or music class. They played music for four music. And teacher had work that must do in that time. We got free time around 25 minutes. Abbey did worksheet that she doesn’t finish. And I wrote on my notebook. Second class, I learned Art. We did our work, we didn’t learn anything. I wrote bear. Today, I finished it. Teacher liked my bear. She said “It was very cool” She liked it. And it must use many time to paint it. but I don’t paint it, today. because when I finished to write a bear, the time up. Third class, I learned study hall. We don’t learn anything in this class same every class. because this class was the time that student did homework. I don’t have any homework. I wrote on my notebook about today. In this class, I peeled hungry and I got some snack on my lunch box to ate. I ate lays that flavour was Barbque. I was very delicious and a little bit spicy. I liked it. Fourth class is Hawk time. My hawk time was Art. I wrote my bear again. I edit somewhere that don’t good and don’t beautiful. I don’t paint it because it had a few of time because hawk time is around 24 minutes. I don’t good to paint. I think I won’t paint it because it was very hard to paint this picture. Fiveth class, I learned English. We did work that we did yesterday in a group about soccer. Today had presented this project but Machina was absent. And the last Abbey and her friends presented it because I don’t have point and teacher said me to sat on my seat. They presented it by two people. They presented very good. After this class for lunch time. I ate Tom yanking with noodles that I did yesterday. My friends asked me how to do it because she said it was very cool and interesting. She wanted to try but it was spicy. and she don’t courage to try it. Sixth class, I learned Social studies. We learned about El salvador and Guatemala. It was very interesting thing to learn. Today, My friends did worksheet of these story. And I don’t do it again. We watched video student CNN News, It looked good. Seventh class, I learned Science. We learned about graph of temperature again and difference of temperature on Earth. Ex. America and Thailand etc. Between we learned, Devin was annoying teacher again. And teacher told him to left the room. Every day he must left the room before times up, but he doesn’t care. I think this class had many interesting story. In original I don’t like Science but now I think it doesn’t bad. I liked it, but don’t like the most. I liked Mathematics the most. I liked it during when I was young. It was very long time. Eighth class, I learned Mathematics. We did test again. It was very easy. I can do it finished in 50 seconds. It has 32 item. It was additional, minus, multiple and division. but my friends use around 10 minutes to finish it. It was very long time. After that, we did the test. Teacher taught how to find to answer of every question is practice test. In that time, Abbey went to track. She went to track before times up again. (around 7 minutes). She went to another school. She went to track at 2.50 p.m. Wendy came to pick me up again at 3.25 p.m. I came to write this blog and waited for Abbey. Abbey came home around 5.33 p.m. she cooked my dinner. My dinner is stuffed pasta shells with sauce, It was very interesting and delicious. After that, Wendy came back to home. I went to take a shower and kept my stuffs. George came to my home at 6.40 p.m. He came with P’mild. We hangouts together. Lauren was coming. We played foosball with her, George and P’Mild. we were very fun. When George came back to home. We hangout together and Made popcorn. After that we went to walk around. I came back to home at 8.48 p.m. I will sleep at 9.30 p.m. Have a nice dream.