On Friday, in choral class , we had a pot luck party for no reason lol we just wanted to have fun and teacher let us did that. Everyone brought their own food. Maggi brought pigs in a blanket. That food’s name made me laugh every time I heard. There, we had waffle with a lot of toppings, chocolate brownies, sausages, juice and so on. We were all happy. Then after school , Maggi and I went to the store to buy stuff for making bigs in a blanket because in choral class all friends grabbed it all before I came ,so I didn’t eat it. When we backed home, I told Maggi and mom that I would cook noodles for supper by myself. When it was time to eat, they said it was tasty ,but for me it was a bit too dry. Maggi ate a lot lol I’m glad she liked it. Then, we ate ice cream for dessert and watched a movie named snow white and the hunts man together.

Saturday morning, I went to Oui’s house with Maggi. She sent me and then she went to work at the store. When I was in his house, Oui’s host mom said that he had a surprise for me. He let me walked upstair to see the gift that he made by himself. He fold the paper in heart shape for 199 pieces in the glass bottle. In the bottle, he put a rose and necklace in it too. Then, I read the letter that he wrote and he asked me to be his girlfriend. For sure, the answer was yes! lol An hour later, my host came to pick Oui and I up to went to the canoe that teacher George made an appointment. Then, mom backed home because she didn’t like canoeing.There, we had teacher George, p’mild, Topaz ,Extra ,Ultra, Green, Im ,Poon, Oui and I. Teacher George said that P’mild and I had to take the boot out and left it in his car. It was so hard to walk without boot ,so Oui let me ride his back and he complained that I’m heavy all the way to the boat lol I had Topaz and Oui sat in my canoe. I sat in the middle with doing nothing while they row the boat. The weather was nice and we had beautiful views too. It was a perfect day until teacher George teased me with throwing water on me… It was so cold you know!! After canoeing, Teacher George and P’mild sent Oui and me to my house. Oui came to my house because we would go to watch the movie together with Maggi and her boyfriend. It was 2 dates! At the cinema, we bought the tickets and price for each ticket was about 13 dollars. we chose the movie named ‘the hunts man’ and that’s why on Friday night Maggi let me watched that movie because It was the part2 of it. Before movie started, Oui and I bought Popcorn and lemon lime and we said that who gonna eat this all it was so so so big! Then, we went in the cinema and we saw that all the seats were sofa like a lazy boy chairs! It was very comfortable. The movie was good too and unbelievable, we ate all popcorn!!