Today I don’t feel well when I got up I a little bit sore throat that make me feel bad.I geometry class I always do exercise follow them like everyday I always don’t like PE class lunch today is I can open my locker by myself but i maybe use two or three times to open it.when my mom pick me up from the school.she took maybe adriel to the and sam waitng for them in visiting ablya don’t shy to me.she can play with me and laughing with me this is something I’m proud.after that we go to play kite near michigan lakw was very cold first I play sand with my sis and brother host.when my dad host went to join with us we all go to play fly kite it’s my first time adriel kite can’t play so she borrow my kite to play after that she slip my kite from her hand but good luck my kite fell down from the sky and I go to pick it up that make me found something special.there have a very cute white dog that come with the cute boys.he looked so cute.after that we come to the light house I see the cute boy come in front of us he climb to the other I already know that sam very scare the high place.ours lunch today is all korean food I like it.something they called kimbub it look like sushi of japannese but it tease difference.after lunch I feel very headache so I take a medicine and fell asleep.