Today, I woke up at 9.04 a.m. I brushed my teeth. I went downstairs and eat breakfast. My breakfast are scramble eggs and sausage. it was very delicious but it doesn’t have flavor. We went outside and go to back of house. We did garden. Today, we stayed home but had a little bit time that we went to Menards store to bought some wheelbarrow and more things that about garden. It was very fun. When we came back to home, we ate lunch. My lunch is chicken teriyaki with steam rice that packed from foodcourt yesterday. Between I ate lunch. Wendy saw Didi with her dog. She walked pass my home. And we went to met her for a few seconds. We don’t talk together. And I came back to ate lunch. After that, We went to garden again.we digged a grass and built a wheelbarrow that we bought from Menards store. After that Wendy go to home and prepared food for dinner. but Nana, Abbey and me sat on the swing. five minutes later, I and Abbey played basketball for half hours and played volleyball around fifteen minutes. It was very fun but I can’t play volleyball and it made me hurt, but never mind. Our dinner are grill Barbque chicken and grill potatoes. Wendy nearly to burned house. 555 because between waited it grill she went to ride a bike for a little bit. And I smell, the smell was very bad. It had more smoke on my house, but We did outside. And the last, we can eat it. We took water to stopped the smoke and Abbey used water to made craft on the fence. It was very bad 55555. She made Hi on the fence. I ate 4 piece of chicken, It was very much. I was full now. And we played foosball with Abbey but we don’t count point because we played for fun. It like football but played on the table, she got it on christmas day. It was very fun but hard to play. After I played game finished I wrote this blog. I will go to walk around after write blog finish. I will sleep at 8.30 p.m.