Today I woke up 6.40 am then brushed a teeth and ate cereal with milk today I went to school very early I staied in history class at 7.40 am l waited another student came in class today history class I studied about information of people in 1920’s then I went to locker room for changed my cloths when finished I went to fitness room today my teacher came in class he told us if you didn’t work tomorrow we cann’t play game everybody don’t talk and play when finished I came back to locker room for changed cloths then I studied art to day same yesterday do a papermache I finished first section but second section I don’t I studied wildlife today we go out class and went to river and saw I came down in water and find a animals in water we can catched small fish shrim and dragon fly when finished we came back class and ate lunch today we have chicken pie pot and milk last class today I have a english class today we saw a movie then I came back to home and change my cloth then came down and ate noodle and snack then I go to took shower and ate dinner today I have chicken with rice and vegatable when finished I do a blog and slept.1460683172242