Day 18 : I wake up early at 6 am. I feel tried because I lazy to go to school and study I want to travelling I sleep to 6.20 am. and go to bathroom for take a bath , wash my face and toothbrush .When I finish I go downstair for eat breakfast is bread and coffee but today Zam very quick to pick me up to school I don’t no why and I don’t finish to eating breakfast
-frist class is math today is easy for me and I like it I feel good and not bored
-breakfast time I stay with Cole and friend at cafeteria
-physical education today partner is nor Cole is girl but I don’t no she name I feel try but I happy because I like sport and to day i win all game
-library class today I search to baseball game at Sunday I want picture to I catch a ball but I don’t found
-music class I feel funny because this class is not study
-english class read a book and sum up in note book
-lunch time I eat chicken , potato ,bread and corn after that I take with friendimage
-engineer class we study do not work I feel funny
-this class I don’t no name class but teacher open “CNN student” student wach I don’t under stand because I foolish english language and do group work but I don’t do it
-last class is seience I feel bored because I must to work sheet
at 3 pm. I come back home today Carol and Popp go out home I alone then Carol invite Bangpan come with me because I feel alone and I eat dinner is pizza when I finish I play with Bangpun .It’s time Maggi pick up Bangpan for back to home and I go up stair for write a block after that I sleep 11 pm.