Day 16 : I wake up early I feel very tried today I go to baseball stadium for watch baseball game I wake up 6.30 am. and I go to bath room for take abath , wash my face and tooth brush at 7.30 Cole and dad Cole pick me up and go to Joh and my friend I feel excited because I miss my friend after that I go to baseball stadium 2 or 3 hours today I don’t eat breakfast .When at stadium we prepare to eat lunch is burger , hotdog and snack and wait it time to stadium.It’s time I go to stadium I very excited because I couldn’t at stadium this frist I sit at section 10 row 12 seat 14 When game start I feel happy because I like sport in game 6 I catch it ball is very lucky I feel very happy and funny when last time boy and gril run around yard I don’t no why after that we go to bus and back to home I feel tried but funny and I eat dinner is salad when I finish I go upstair and sleep at 10 pm.image