Today i wake up around 8am in the morning and today we don’t have school so we don’t have to hurry.Today i didn’t eat cereal for breakfast but i ate yogert and hamburger which i can do myself.Then we went uo stair and mask our face by tomato and listen to music.Then we wash out.Then her mom said she had to pick up her mother so she didn’t be a home around 12.00 to 2.00 then she come back.We watch movie while no one home we watch series call just add water.It is the series about 3girl who become a mermaid while they was fiding the way out the island.Then when they come home they figure out that they become a mermaid and they hide from other know the only one who know is a boy who is their friend.Then i take a nap since 5 until 6.Then jadian’s nephew come.We have chese pizza for our dinner today.