Today, i woke up. I, Mrs.Michelle, Rachel go to the Mcdonald to have breakfast. I ate hamberger and milk. We came to the zoo. There are many animals in there. Such as deer, monkey, tiger, lion, hen, pig, bear, dingo and others. The animals in there aren’t mean. The adopted dogs are very tame and friendly. We feed deer and hippopotamus. I have never been so close to these animal. Deer’s coat is so smooth. The tiger in there is huge and fat. This lunch, i ate hamberger, chip and chocolate shake. I like chololate shake so much, it’s taste like ice-cream. Then we came to the new zoo for play zips line. I ever play it in Thailand, so i have a little nervous. The girl before my turn is very nervous, at last she did’t play it. The high is 50m. Hannah and Rachel looked so funny. Then we came home. I, Mrs.Michelle and Rachel go to shopping for our clothes and foods. And we came home. I take a bath. I ate a boiled egg. At last i go to sleep.