In this morning I wake up very fast. I wake up around 6 o’clock I don’t know why but I wake up before alarm set that I set at 6.20 a.m. The weather today is very good! Little bit windy but good weather for here(and I think than Thailand.) And we leave home around 8.10 because Josie think it’s cold but it’s not!!!! In the morning we learn social studies,language,science and math. At lunch we out and have a little bit snow. Afternoon in reading we made a Thailand power point. After school Josie have a running club. And we get Josie at 4.20 and to day Ivy come to hang out too. We play a mommy on tambourine and do a homeworker. At 7.30 Ivy back to her home. Then we play a little bit and go to sleep.