Today is not have any plan accept go rolliare skate because Kerry want to see her friend Kay and George and also I want to see my friend. We go to school in the morning and today Mrs.Winter is not came because of some thing but we still learn likes others day.  Today is not very bored at daycares because Kerry came fast and we have card and also lot of game board to play. We still have fun at school like others days. And we get home at 5.00 and have a very nice supper. It is a ham with some potatoes and some peas too. Then we go rolliare skate but before we have to pick Time up first because he don’t stay watch wood cars racing at the church. And we have fun there. At the end we have to get home with Time Porche and Toto. We have  to take their home first and get home and I have some fudge eggs and go to bed.