Last night we watched the show “Dance mom” until 9 o’clock then I went upstairs and did my stuff done around 9:30.Before bed I talked with my cousin in Can and a and Clara played the Rubik’s cube.Clara took for a while to learn the cube and she could do it but she was little bit confusing so I needed to teach her some of pattern.I was very proud that she could do the first row by herself because every time that I didn’t watch her age gonna mixed it up! Both of us were tired so we went to bed at 11 o’clock and we would continue the second row today.

Today we had to go to the church so we woke up at 8 o’clock but normally if we don’t have to go to the church Clara and I will wake up around 9:30 because last night we went to bed at 11 o’clock.At 8:50 Michelle,my host mom left our home first because Clara wasn’t ready so she went to the church with grandparents.We left our home at 9:05 and we were at the church around 9:15.We met Grace the twins(Greta and Nora) and their father,we came for Cole confirmation.The church started at 10 o’clock and over at 11 o’clock so it took for an hour then at 11:20 we left the church.We were at home around 11:30 but before that we had to drop Clara at her friend house then we went back home.In this morning I didn’t have breakfast so when I back home I had some Chinese food for breakfast.Then at 12:15 we left our home and went to Nature Center for our Uncle’s birthday party.We were at the center around 12:20 at here it had like an animal museum so I looked around it for about 15 minutes.Then Garrett Michelle Uncle Jo and I joined and played some card game “21” and “King Corner”.While we were playing,I made a very mess thing,I made Garrett glass fall down from the table so we had to clean it up for a while.Then we continued play our game until 1:30 we had our lunch.When we finished our lunch we went for a walk in to the wood with Garrett Michelle and Greta.In the wood the weather was so nice so we walked for about 20 minutes then we back to the center.Atthe center I met Grace and we went outside for a while then we went inside and went to the museum.We played in the museum for a while then we went back to the party and Grace had some donut.Then Grace played a card game that I didn’t know how to play and I tried to learn it a lot but I still didn’t know so I played a game on my phone until 3:10 I went to play with the twins,they pretended that the museum was their bedroom and they had to go to school and took care the animal but I just sat by them I didn’t play with them.We played for a while then around 3:30 we went outside to watch some turtle sunbathed until 4 o’clock we left the center.On the way back home we stopped at the Billion High School to drop Cole for his baseball practice but we had to wait for Garrett finished his practice first then Cole could started his and we picked up Garrett back home.We were at home at 4:45 then we watched the show “Cupcake Wars” when that show over we continued watch the show “Donut Showdown” until 5:30 I left the show to talked with my old host family in Canada that my cousin went to visit for about 30 minutes then I continued watch the show.WhenI finished talk with my host family Grata came over and watched the show with us.When the show end we continued watched the show in Disney channel but I didn’t like this show so I went outside to play basketball until 6:30 then I went inside.I rested for a while then at 6:45 Grace came in and asked me to play basketball with her so I played about 15 minutes then I went inside and had some Chinese food for supper.When I finished my supper I came and watched in a living room.Around 8 o’clock I went upstairs and went to bed around 8:45.