Today is Thursday . I will leave school tomorrow . It has only one day left T^T . I felt very good while I stayed here . I got upa at 6.30 A.M. in the morning . I had two pieces of bagel with chocolate , chocolate chip cookie , and a cup of milk as a breakfast . After the breakfast , we went to school . Before the class start , I did my homework in the classroom . I did spelling and science homework . Then we start the first class in the church that next to school . It was bible class . After that we came back to study math class . Today we didn’t have assignment but we had test . Mr. Roecker tough this class . Then I went outside to play football with my friends in a break time . Today , the weather was very good . I like it . Then we had literature class for about 40 minutes . Then Mr. Roecker had to go outside . So , he let us did our homework . After that when he came back , he opened the history movie . It still the same one as yesterday . I like this movie . Then we had lunch . My lunch was peanut butter sandwich , some snack that I don’t know its name , chocolate chip cookie , and chocolate milk . On the container of the milk will have the mascot of the milk . It was the cow . It come in different character each day . Today , I got mermoo . It is a cow in mermaid look . Then we went outside to play football in the break time . Someone also play kick ball and play ground too . Then we had art class . This afternoon , I finished the art project already . Then we had science class . We collected the homework and did a review sheet for a test in tomorrow . Then we had hymology class . We went to the church for a while . Then we came back and prepare to go home . When we arrived at home , we stayed in a living room . Then we had spaghetti and garlic bread as a dinner . Then I sat in the living room for a while . Then I went to take a shower . Then I came back to upload blog . Then we will played game together . After that I will prepare my stuff for go back to Thailand .